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It is possible to obtain a very fast divorce with only one spouse needing to visit Guam for 7 days. United States Court laws and decrees are recognized by all U.S. States and Governmental Agencies. Your decree will become final in less than 2 weeks and will be delivered to you in approximately 1 -2  weeks thereafter. You can obtain a divorce, enforceable everywhere, without appearance in Court.

For a United States Court divorce it is necessary for both parties to consent in writing, and for one of the parties to travel to Guam and remain for 1 week (7 days) to fulfill residency requirements.


The United States consists of the 50 U.S. states, plus various territories, such as Puerto Rico, and Guam. These territories operate in the same manner that the 50 states do, subject to United States laws, currency, postal service, military service, etc. Guam has been a Territory of the United States since December 10, 1898. Its laws are treated everywhere in the United States the same as those of the 50 states and other Territories.

Chapter 28 of the United States Code, the official statutes of the United States federal government, Section 1738, states: "The records and judicial (court) proceedings of …any Territory shall….have the same full faith and credit in every court within the United States and its Territories and Possessions as they have by law or usage in the courts of such State, Territory, or Possession from which they are taken. June 25, 1948, Chapter 646, 62 Statute 947." There is little question that a properly obtained divorce judgment of a Guam court stands on equal footing with a judgment rendered by any State Court and must be given full faith and credit by other Courts of the United States. This means, in effect, that your Guam divorce must be treated the same everywhere as if the divorce were granted in your home state or any state.

Guam laws permit a divorce to be granted without appearance in Court, as long as one of the parties has resided there for 7 days.

To obtain a Guam divorce both parties must be in agreement, both must sign, before U.S. Notary Publics, and one must travel to Guam and remain for 7 days. The final decree will be issued by the Court within 2 weeks of one of the parties arriving in Guam. Following the issuance of the decree both parties would be free to remarry.

The fee for this process is $1500.00.

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